Kitty Nix, Government Consulting Executive


Kitty Nix is a senior leader with more than 19 years of experience in consulting, business development and capture, organizational development and human capital management, program management, best practice processes, and program implementation. Throughout her career she has implemented strategic, operational and organizational enhancements that include strategic planning, business process improvement, communications, training, and system implementation within the organization as well as for multiple government, non-profit, and commercial clients.

Kitty Nix recently joined Three Wire Systems, LLC (Three Wire) as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development (effective February 1, 2016). Nix has a distinguished record of executive leadership and has been tasked with developing and executing on Three Wire’s long-term strategic business development goals of increasing their corporate footprint in the government consulting marketplace. She will identify, develop, and grow new markets for Three Wires’ innovative and agile service offerings while committing to the company’s goal of reducing wasteful spend in the Federal Government and adhering to Three Wire’s core values of integrity, accountability, and superior customer service.

Prior to joining Three Wire she was the Director of Serco’s North America operations, and prior to that directed business operations including human resources and organizational development for several firms.

Kitty’s team leadership begins with an ability to communicate a vision in a manner that ensures expectations and outcomes are clear and milestones are met. Her key strength is using innovative thinking and resourcefulness to tackle new challenges and drive teams to achieve results by maintaining a focus on the big picture while managing and participating in the implementation of the details.